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About Me:

Picture of Krista standing in front of a fence in the countryside

Hi there! I'm an instructional designer and e-learning developer with 7+ years of experience in creating impactful learning solutions. My passion for innovation, excellence, and effective learning is what drives me.

My love of designing memorable created learning experiences has taken me from studying secondary education to teaching English as a Foreign Language in a university town in western France. I then returned to the United States to guide soon-to-be adults in the principles of communication and diversity as a high school teacher.

Krista's high school classroom
Krista sitting next to a river

With a strong desire to create learning solutions for adult learners, I began graduate studies and pursued dedicated training in instructional design and e-learning development.

My inquisitive nature and talent for strategic thinking makes the training solutions I create stand apart.

Now -- for the fun stuff! In my free time, I love to watch sci-fi, experiment with Nigerian cuisine, and rock out to absolutely anything by Chopin.

I look forward to connecting with you!